September 24, 2013
"When shopping for my next car I extensively searched the internet. When I decided on the model of car I became a serious looker. Cars.com helped me find the one model with everything I wanted included and Heafner Motors had in coming soon on their site. I spent several days emailing back and forth with Mr. Ronny Oswalt and he was always timely and courteous and informative with me. He was easy to negoiate with and answered every question I threw at him. After dealing with alot, I mean alot of different dealerships Heafner Motors in Batesville 70 miles from my home was the dealership I chose and most of the deal was done and agreed upon before I ever set foot in the dealership and finally met Mr. Oswalt face to face. The owner of the dealership greeted us and thanked us for our business and the whole process went smoothly. Thanks Heafner for all you invested in time and patience and for taking the dread out of new car buying. Happy Motoring." -Beth C., Cars.com
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